Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Record Unlimited Zoom Meetings?

There is no limitation for the recording duration. However, sometimes when choosing to record using the maximum quality, the recorded file can get large. So make sure you have enough free space on your hard disk, or choose a lower recording quality.
You can use ZoomRecorder to record an unlimited amount of meetings, without paying extra for cloud storage.

Recording Privacy

All recordings are being stored locally on your PC. ZoomRecorder never uploads your data to any server. When recording a meeting using ZoomRecorder, there's no indicator for the participants - therefore, only you know the session is being recorded while using ZoomRecorder.

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements: 2GHz CPU & 4GB RAM.

ZoomRecorder support Microsoft Windows 10/7.

.NET Framework v4.7.2 Runtime or higher is required.

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